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Mon, 04 Jul 2016 -
11:00 to 12:00
Europahusets Paviljon Strandvägen, Almedalen Visby

Almedalen 2016 - Seminar in the EU Pavilion

A seminar with focus on Risk sharing and the implementation of a green shipping sector - Politics, Finance & Industry

The next step towards decreasing the environmental and climate impact from the Shipping industry is implementing Financial Instruments for Risk Sharing. What does it take to make green investments considered profitable, enable industry investments, financing and creating new jobs?

The maritime industry is facing rapid change with environmental and societal challenges. While green investments provide a substantial societal benefit (e.g. calculated to €1 million per ship and year when only including lowered emissions), they are costlier than traditional solutions.

The industry-driven collaboration platform Zero Vision Tool has, as of today, over 20 ongoing Joint Industry or University Projects, comprising over 130 organisations from 11 countries in Europe. These projects develop and implement new technical solutions for reducing environmental and climate impact on board the ships and throughout the infrastructure.

The maritime industry has already shown to be capable, and willing, to take responsibility. Available co-funding from EU, beneficial to these projects, should and is of course for pilot projects and new technologies. ZVT partners has therefore a pioneering objective to design a risk-sharing Financial Instrument to continue the green shipping investments.

The first ZVT Seminar in Almedalen 2016 will feature:

·        Mr. Erik Bromander, State Secretary, Swedish Ministry of Enterprise & Innovation

         The Swedish Maritime Strategy

·        Mr. Brian Simpson, EU Motorways of the Sea Coordinator

          The Detailed Implementation Plan for Motorways of the Sea

·        Mr. Ragnar Johansson, CEO SOL, Chair Swedish Shipowners’ Association

          A Shipowner’s Perspective

·        Mr. Magnus Kårestedt, CEO Port of Gothenburg

          A Port’s perspective

·        Mr. Carl Carlsson, CEO ZVT

          ZVT Financial Instrument for Industry & Society

·        Mr. Jakob Lagercrantz, Moderator 

After opening statements, there will be an Q & A with the participants. Just as the ZVT method involves quarterly reporting from the projects in red/yellow/green, our panel will do a similar compilation of what is already in the making, and in planning, from each part (green), when guidance is needed (yellow) and if more/other parties is required (red).