The Zero Vision Tool Method

Zero Vision Tool brings the maritime industry, government agencies and administrations together to share experiences and find common, workable and effective solutions. As of today approximately 130 different organisations from different countries use the ZVT method.

Zero Vision Tool offers tools and models that:

  • generate decision support and raise issues of common interest,
  • generate experiences for the maritime industry, authorities and government agencies, and make it possible to create common workable solutions,
  • make it possible to achieve the Zero Vision and realise the ambition to increase the cargo volume transported at sea at a quicker pace,
  • support the implementation and commercialisation of new technologies and innovations.

Within the projects several stakeholders are working together to find solutions according to the defined structure of Vessel, Infrastructure, Finance, R&D and Regulation.

The ZVT platform is not lobbying in the interest of one stakeholder, but provides an opportunity to use cooperation and structure to more efficiently achieve long-term sustainable solutions where the environment, safety issues and technology as well as human and financial factors are equally important.

Traffic light approach

The exchange of information between the platform groups and the reference group ZVTREF is based on a tool using a “traffic light approach”, displaying:

  Red – when obstacles arise

  Yellow – when guidance is required

  Green – when the issue can be solved

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is a tool to help us decide what is appropriate and what is inappropriate when it comes to behaving in an ethically, socially and/or environmentally correct manner.

Read the ZVT Code of Conduct