Make a Difference

MaD main objective

To identify, minimise and, if possible, eliminate some of the thresholds that apply in relation to building and operating a dual fuel vessel, focusing on LNG and integration in port.

MaD main activities

Act. 1. LNG certification process for vessels and operators
Act. 2. Harmonisation of land-based and sea-based regulatory and permit application process for LNG bunkering
Act. 3. Selection and demonstration of environmentally efficient solutions for LNG fuelled vessels
Act. 4. Logistic solutions for energy efficiency of LNG fuelled vessels
Act. 5. Development of safe and efficient technologies for LNG bunkering
Act. 6. Safety assessment regarding LNG bunkering in parallel with passenger/cargo handling
Act. 7. Coordination with relevant projects addressing LNG in shipping
Act. 8. Communication and Dissemination