Pilot LNG

The main activities for this Pilot project, Pilot LNG, are mainly conducted within each JIP, click the link below each activity for more info. Activity 7 and 8 are described below since they are conducted jointly.

Activity 1

SCANBUNK - Terminal

Activity 2 

FLEXI - Bunker vessel

Activity 3

SSD&B - Feeder vessel

Activity 4

EVOlution - LNG fuelled tanker

Activity 5

LSR - LNG fuelled Dry Cargo vessel

Activity 6

LNG CONV - Conversion to LNG

Activity 7

Compilation and evaluation, financing schemes

The objectives of this activity are to:

  • compile and evaluate the results of activities 1-6 from a technical, operational, environmental and financial point of view,
  • harmonise the activities with other relevant projects,
  • develop best practices assisting followers in the design, building and operation of LNG fuelled vessels and
  • suggest schemes for large scale financing of more environmental friendly systems within European shipping.

In this context “followers” are entities that will use the results of the Action for future new-buildings, conversions and further development.

Thus, Activity 7 is dependent of inputs provided by the other six Activities in so far as the content that is being compiled and evaluated can only be recorded and produced in Activities 1-6. 

Activity 8

Project management and dissemination of result

The project management in this Pilot consists of work for the Pilot Coordinator (including contact with the EU Commission etc.) as well as the JIP leaders (each Joint Industry Project is lead separately). The JIP leaders mainly function as a support to the Activity leaders (activities that are divided among the JIP members) regarding administrative items. A number of project meetings have been held and the project has been monitored regarding planning and progress.

Regarding Communication and Dissemination regular meetings have been organised to meet and exchange results for Pilot LNG:

  • 4 times per year ZVTREF meets where status reports and R/Y/G items are lifted from Pilot LNG
  • Collaboration between the JIPs regarding structure with EU
  • Kick-off for Pilot LNG was arranged in December 2013

External presentations have already been arranged such as:

  • During Sweden Maritime Day, April 2013, the JIPs within Pilot LNG presented themselves as a collaboration group
  • During the Baltic Ports Conference, September 2013, the Pilot LNG aims were presented 
  • At the Ten-T Days in Helsink/Tallin, October 2013, the Pilot LNG was presented
  • At the yearly Swedish Gas Days, October 2013, the Pilot LNG was presented
  • At HELCOM Maritime, November 2013, the Pilot LNG was presented

and will continue according to the ZVT method and platform. Please continue to check our newsflow for updates.